Connect Your Rural Business Electricity & Gas

Smart energy solutions tailored for the New Zealand rural sector.

We have people on the ground to work with you to make energy easy. We have solutions to suit you, from solar on the milking shed, to pricing plans for irrigation. Our dedicated field sales team know that when it comes to energy, you use what you use and saving power isn’t always an option; that seasons mean a change in energy usage; and that not every rural business is the same.


Dedicated rural team, to help you find the best energy solutions for your business.
Options to control bill payments to help during seasonal changes.
All of your energy needs in one place - electricity, LPG, natural gas and solar

Our new FarmHouse plan is a Farm and House package that has numerous options to suit your needs – and we'll reward you for bringing all of your business to Genesis!

Our Brilliant Farmlands Energy Deal
Our Brilliant Farmlands Energy Deal

If you're a Farmlands shareholder, and are either a new or existing Genesis customer, sign up now on a 24 month plan.

Advanced Meters

At Genesis, we like to make your life easier. That's why we're upgrading your old electricity meter to our Advanced Meter.

Our Pricing Plans

To help keep your costs down, we'll make sure your business is on the energy pricing plan that suits the way your business uses energy.