Genesis Energy Limited Privacy Policy

Genesis Energy Limited has adopted this Privacy Policy to ensure that we handle personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

The information that Genesis Energy collects from you is held in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 and in particular, the Privacy Principles contained in that Act. Genesis Energy may collect your personal information in a variety of ways when you request or use our products or services, including via consumer promotions, surveys, information or feedback you've provided to us (including live chats, posts on our blogs and social media sites), information gathered through cookies used in accordance with our internet access terms and conditions, emails, faxes, recordings of customer service interactions, credit control, sales and other telephone calls, or via any other communication we may have had with you. Note that we generally record both inbound and outbound calls for operational and training purposes.
Genesis Energy may use any personal information we collect for the following purposes:
  • confirming your identity and the identity of others authorised on your account;
  • administering your account (including billing you) and managing our relationship with you;
  • supplying you with energy and any other products or services you have requested;
  • carrying out credit checks and credit scoring, debt collection (including the sale of debt to third party collection agencies), and the provision of credit information to credit agencies (which may be provided by credit agencies to its customers);
  • disclosing your positive credit information including monthly repayment history to credit reporters;
  • improving our customer service, including monitoring, assessing and following up queries and complaints;
  • improving our online services, including our website, mobile app and social media pages;
  • developing or improving our products and/or services;
  • informing you or contacting you regarding our products, brands, special offers, publications and other promotions we think you may be interested in (including by text message where we have obtained your mobile phone number);
  • informing you or contacting you regarding products, services, brands, special offers, publications and other promotions of carefully selected third parties we think you may be interested in (unless you've asked us in writing not to);
  • to help us with other reputable companies or organisations that offer services connected with any of the products or services we offer;
  • assisting other energy retailers with their credit enquiries or for the purposes of switching your energy supply;
  • commissioning a market research company to carry out a study on our behalf;
  • carrying out our responsibilities, including complying with any requirements and any lawful requests in accordance with statute, or industry rules and regulations;
  • enforcing our rights under our contracts with customers, or our arrangements with the customer's network operator or metering company;
  • enabling an organisation to pay a benefit to a customer (for example, a rebate to customers of a network operator); and
  • carrying out our responsibilities under the Guideline on Arrangements to Assist Vulnerable Consumers and the Guideline on Arrangements to Assist Medically Dependent Consumers.

It is important that your information is up to date. Please tell us if any of your contact details or other information you've given us changes.