Living safely with electricity and gas for home

Energy Safety tips for when you are in your home. Ensuring your family's safety is important to us.

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Safety with electricity at home

Here are some handy reminders for improving safety around the home.

  • Make sure saucepan handles never overhang the edge of the stovetop where they could cause an accident. Also, don't put them across a hot element.
  • Never cover the pan when you are cooking with oil or frying chips and always watch it until the food is cooked.
  • If a slice of bread gets stuck in your toaster, switch the toaster off and unplug it. Then let it cool down before you try to remove bread, making sure you don't damage the element. Never use a metal object to take out the bread.
  • Don't dry tea towels over the stove.
  • The New Zealand Fire Service recommends a suitable fire extinguisher is kept handy in the kitchen in case of an emergency.

Safety with gas at home

Gas is an instant, reliable, efficient and safe form of energy.

However, like any form of energy, it must be treated with respect to prevent accidents. To help ensure you get the most out of your gas supply we have included some safety information below.

All gas appliances and fittings are capable of operating safely when installed correctly and used for their intended purpose.

  • Always get a registered gas fitter to install your gas appliances or alter your gas supply. Ask to see their current licence.
  • A registered gas worker will ensure that your gas appliance or installation is connected correctly, has adequate ventilation, is appropriately flued and is in good working order.
  • A gas fitting certificate is required for all new gas installations and most alterations to existing installations in your home. Make sure your registered gas worker gives you a certificate to confirm the work was completed safely and in accordance with the regulations and manufacturer's instructions.
  • If you haven't got a certificate, you can request one from the registered gas worker or company that carried out the work. Alternatively, request a copy from Safety Energy.

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